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        Latest News — Seattle

        Alright you Queen Anne, Greenwood, and Rainier Ave. South Folks...

        Check out Kens Markets in Queen Anne and Greenwood for our spice rubs and seasonings! They have joined the family!

        Also, if you are looking for a Wedding Cake and Spices (I know, right :) Check out Borracchini's Bakery on Rainier Ave. They have roots planted in Italian Baking since 1922. Oh yea, there is a grocery and deli there too! 

        Welcome to Town & Country and Central Market Stores

        We are again happy to announce that our product line of Spice Rubs and Seasonings will be available at all the Town & Country and Central Market Stores. If one of these stores are near you, go ahead, get some! Click the below links for information on each store.

        Bainbridge Island

        Ballard Market



        Mill Creek

        Town & Country Markets Inc. is a regional, locally owned and operated, independent retail grocery company that began in 1957. Each store is unique in how they serve the needs of their individual communities, by design. They offer the freshest, highest quality foods available along with a unique mix of products aimed at satisfying the diverse needs and tastes of the communities and customers they serve.

        We appreciate your support! 

        Grocery Chain/Supermarket Time!

        Exciting news to share...we have been picked up by Haggen. That includes all the Haggen stores as well as the TOP food and drug stores. That's an additional 21 stores! Click on the previous links to find the store nearest you. Spring is around the corner, so load up on our product and share with your friends. Word of mouth is everything!

        Thank you all for your support!

        More locations to follow... :)

        Bert's Red Apple - New Store

        Hey All!

        Thanks for your support thus far.  

        For those of you in Madison Park, you have another option for finding our product line! Check our Bert's Red Apple Market. They have a great store with many local finds, including ours! 

        Cheers and Happy Cooking!


        An Exciting Announcement!!

        We are thrilled to announce that Willard's Kitchen has officially partnered with Crown Pacific Fine Foods! It has been quite the journey along with a lot of hard work to get to this point. Now having this distributor backing we look forward to many great years to come with the Willard's Kitchen product line!

        A huge thanks to all for your support and especially a big thanks to our retail partners who have been instrumental in our growth and success.

        Will Russell