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        From Bland to Bomb!

        Willards Kitchen is your go to! 


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        Come on in to Willards Kitchen, where everyone is welcome and simple, delicious, full-flavored food is always ready!

        Chef and Owner Will Russell loves to create a fun, relaxing and chill kitchen and entertaining vibe for his guests and family. He brought this approach to his successful catering business and now wants to help you rock it in your kitchen with his four delicious and versatile rubs. 

        Will developed his flagship All Purpose Seasoning to make his catering dishes fast, easy and consistently awesome. It became the foundation for his most popular recipes such as chicken, burgers, steak and veggies. Realizing the need for a more delicate touch in seafood and Mediterranean dishes, he created the Seafood Rub & Seasoning. Then, Will went back to his roots of comfort food and bold taste and created a unique rub with a smoky and robust flavor - Smoked BBQ Rub was born! On his recent travels to visit family in New Mexico, he fell in love with the New Mexico chili pepper and said "I HAVE to make a taco seasoning out of these," and BAM - Let us introduce you to the New Mexico inspired Taco Seasoning!

        In his free time, you can find Will in his kitchen experimenting with new recipes, connecting with friends over a frosty beer or mixing a spicy jalapeño margarita for his amazing wife Natalie.