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        Latest News — local

        New Store - Arlington, WA

        Those of you in Arlington, WA can rejoice. Our products can now be purchased at Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm.  

        Garden Treasures is a six-acre nursery, garden center and certified organic, historical farm in the floodplain of the Stillaguamish River Valley.  We are proud to be a part of a business that has been committed to the revitalization of local agriculture and the movement to "Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food."

        New Stores in Oregon and Idaho

        We would like to announce that we are in two new stores in two different states.

        For those in the Portland area, check out the Lake Grove Zupans. Located by Tigard, they focus on quality, selling everything from the best meats and wines to the freshest produce, baked goods, & flowers, emphasizing locally-sourced items whenever possible. Food-loving customers, as well as local chefs know that Zupan’s is the place to find some of the best in and around Portland.

        Zupan's Markets

        For those in Ketchum Idaho, Check out Atkinson's Market. Located in Giacobbi Square, they offer a top end selection of fresh baked bread, organic produce, cheeses, meats, seafood, beer, wine, and dry goods! You can find us at the meat counter!

        Almond Blossom - Leavenworth, WA (Wenatchee)

        Hey all my food lovers, for those of you who plan excursions to Leavenworth, Washington, check out Almond Blossom small batch roasted nuts and fine gourmet foods. They offer a wide selection of hand-picked gourmet pantry items such as award winning sauces, seasonings, pickled vegetables, jams, fruit curds,  honey, glazes, mustard, specialty salsa, barbeque sauces and rubs and local made snacks. 

        While your there golfing, rafting or just enjoying the city, pick up a jar of Willard's Kitchen All Purpose Seasoning for your grilled ribeye. If you are fixing some delicious copper river salmon or perhaps some whitefish like halibut, grab a jar of the Seafood Rub and Seasoning to accentuate and not over-power that delicious fish.

        "Gourmet Quality for the Everyday Cook" 

        Almond Blossom Roasted Nuts


        New Store - Front Street Red Apple Market

        For those of you who shop in Issaquah, please check out the Front Street Red Apple Market.  They have been locally owned and operated, serving the Issaquah community for the last 30 years.  All of their stores are tailored to each specific community, offering fresh produce, quality meats, and great values in every department where you'll find all of your family favorites, including Willards Kitchen Spice Rubs and Seasonings.

        Best to all!


        Check out Bumble B Design

        At bumble b design they make wonderful gift baskets.  Check out their "Chef's Basket" where they feature our products at

        "If they love to cook, they will love this basket filled with key cooking ingredients such as fresh spice blends from Willard’s Kitchen, California Harvest’s olive or artichoke tapenade, garlic &/or hot peppers from McFadden Farms, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and Mama Lil’s marinated peppers. We’ve also included some appetizers that can be enjoyed while the cooking prep is happening, and a chef’s apron. Eco-friendly liquid kitchen soap & hand lotion from Further Products and an eco-friendly bamboo kitchen towel is added to the large basket. Fresh rosemary and/or bay leaves are tied into the outer bow."