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        Latest News — rubs

        Rexville Grocery...Mount Vernon

        Rexville Grocery is more than a grocery store. This Historic Skagit Valley store offers great gourmet foods and serves as a community center. Wine tasting's, food festivals, singles events and art openings are just part of what you'll find. Stop in for a picnic lunch or a cup of great coffee and enjoy the friendly Rexville spirit! Pick up some of our blends while you are there!

        Rexville Grocery Store Mt Vernon WA

        Moline, Illinois!!!

        I'm not sure if too many of you on the west coast can attest, but Jerry's Market has the best quality meat in the Quad Cities at a reasonable price. They have had repeat customers for about half a century. Nothing is a better review than the test of time. If you know of anyone there that is looking for the best, look no further than Jerry's! Tell them Willard sent you, and pick up some of our blends while you are in there!

        New Store - Arlington, WA

        Those of you in Arlington, WA can rejoice. Our products can now be purchased at Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm.  

        Garden Treasures is a six-acre nursery, garden center and certified organic, historical farm in the floodplain of the Stillaguamish River Valley.  We are proud to be a part of a business that has been committed to the revitalization of local agriculture and the movement to "Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food."

        Uses of Willard's Kitchen's 3 different versatile blends - please share and enjoy!

        As we are not yet in spring and summer, we thought it might be useful to see a list of uses for those Willards Kitchen Rubs and seasonings that you have in your pantry.

        Check out our list below.  Feel free to comment and if you have anything that you use your spices on that is not on the list, let us know and we'll create a recipe for just that.  The options are endless!




        Scrambled eggs

        Scrambled eggs

        Grilled chicken

        Broiled, grilled, baked and seared Chicken, pork, steak – Especially Grilled Steak..YUM!

        All cuts of fish including salmon, halibut, sea bass, trout, tilapia, etc.


        Roasted or grilled vegetables

        With sour cream, it is a great dip

        Baby back ribs

        Fish and seafood – Amazing on Seared Ahi

        Seafood chowders

        BBQ sauce



        All roasted and smoked meats



        Teriyaki sauce

        Broths, soups, chowders

        Shellfish, including lobster, crab, clams, mussels, etc.


        Salad dressings

        Tuna salad

        Pulled pork

        Steak fries, Oven Fries, French Fries or anything right out of the fryer

        Mixed with mayo or sour cream and parmesan and broiled with white fish

        Shredded beef

        Paella and gumbo

        Grilled chicken – Lemon Dill Chicken

        Tri tip


        Tzatziki sauce


        Braised Meats


        Braised Meats



        Short Ribs

        New Stores in Oregon and Idaho

        We would like to announce that we are in two new stores in two different states.

        For those in the Portland area, check out the Lake Grove Zupans. Located by Tigard, they focus on quality, selling everything from the best meats and wines to the freshest produce, baked goods, & flowers, emphasizing locally-sourced items whenever possible. Food-loving customers, as well as local chefs know that Zupan’s is the place to find some of the best in and around Portland.

        Zupan's Markets

        For those in Ketchum Idaho, Check out Atkinson's Market. Located in Giacobbi Square, they offer a top end selection of fresh baked bread, organic produce, cheeses, meats, seafood, beer, wine, and dry goods! You can find us at the meat counter!